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Hyundai unleashes 1000hp monster coupe

Sema Show, Las Vegas - This year Hyundai will have no trouble holding its head up high in the halls packed with testosterone-infused Mustangs, Camaros and Challengers.

The Korean carmaker pulled the covers off this monstrous 1000hp Genesis Coupe, created in conjunction with engine wizards Bisimoto Engineering.

You'd think they'd at least have employed a V8 to achieve such an insane output, but Bisimoto instead used Hyundai's stock Lambda 3.8-litre V6 unit as a base.

Bisimoto owner Bisi Ezerioha explains: “The key to producing reliable, high-horsepower engines goes well beyond the design, engineering and fabrication of performance parts. The core powerplant must be strong enough to withstand advanced modifications.

“The Genesis Coupe 3.8-liter Lambda engine is a thoroughly robust powerplant, and Bisimoto Engineering is excited to develop it to its full potential for the rigors of competitive motorsport.”

To that end, the engineering specialists strapped on twin Bisimoto/Turbonetics BTX6462 turbochargers, steel conrods, redesigned intake gasket and injectors, level 2.4 camshafts, Arias forged pistons, Godzilla blow-off valve and dual RG45 wastegate.

The Hyundai's cornering ability is kept in check by 20-inch alloys and Progress coil-over suspension and anti-roll bars. The Hyundai is also kitted out with a Bisimoto roll cage along with Buddy Club racing seats and harnesses.

To flaunt its potential on the street, Bismoto endowed its creation with a custom Electric Blue paint job, Denmatic design graphics package and a Burns stainless steel exhaust among other essential mods.

Watch the hectic Hyundai smoke its tyres in the video below: