BMW 335i, 135i

BMW 335i, 135i


BMW owners can now enjoy the benefits of increased flow and more efficient air to help dramatically lower intake air temperatures to increase power. By using a massive 6" thick W.A.V.E. (Wide Area Vane Effectiveness) Technology core, the Spearco front mount intercooler dropped charge air temperatures on average of 125 degrees on the twin turbo vehicle. In addition to lower intake air temperatures, the pressure of air exiting the intercooler compared to the pressure entering the unit was only an amazing 0.20 psi drop. The stock unit has over one pound of pressure loss/drop due to the factory unit's lack of efficiency and limited size. When the stock unit is upgraded to the Spearco you will have less heat and more power due to the ability to quickly and efficiently move the pressurized air through the intercooler assembly. *Does not fit vehicles equipped with Active Cruise Control



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