2001-2007 SUBARU WRX / STi


Top Mount

Spearco's WRX intercooler kits feature the largest air-to-air, top-mount intercooler in the market. Utilizing the factory mounting points, the massive 4.5 in. thick unit bolts on easily without any modifications to the vehicle. Factory turbo piping and blow-off valves can be bolted on easily with standard hand tools. The massive 1,000 cfm intercooler offers a very low pressure drop and extremely low charge temperatures. Dyno results have shown performance improvements of up to 15 hp when compared to the stock intercooler. The kits come complete with clamps and silicone hose. Boost pressure can now be increased without the horsepower-robbing effects of the extreme charge temperatures normally associated with compressed intake air.




Top Mount

Spearco’s WRX intercooler kit for 2008-2014 NON-STI models features the largest air-to-air top-mount intercooler on the market. Utilizing the factory mounting points, the massive 3.5"-thick unit bolts on with minor modifications to the vehicle. Includes aluminum hood splitter, all mounting hardware, clamps and silicone hoses. Approximate install time of 1-2 hours.



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